Planning an Event?

Seating plans without the stress

Table Tailor makes it quick & easy to design a seating plan that will keep all of your guests happy.

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Manage Your Guest List

Table Tailor makes it quick & easy to keep track of all your guests.

Guests can be organised into groups (great for keeping families together) or assigned tags, so you can quickly find people who have something in common.

Flexible searching and filtering options make it easy to find particular guests.

Manage Your Guest List
Create a Seating Plan

Create a Seating Plan

Designing a seating plan couldn't be easier than with Table Tailor.

The app's simple, visual interface makes it easy to place guests in different positions and drag them around to find what works best.

Keep Everybody Happy

Table Tailor's simple but powerful "rules" system makes it easy to ensure that everybody will be happy with their seating.

Simply define who should (or shouldn't) sit with who, then look out for green and red badges showing the status as you move guests around between different seats.

No more dramas trying to keep track of everyone!

Keep Everybody Happy
Automatic Suggestions

Automatic Suggestions

Table Tailor automatically suggests the best guest for each seat, using your rules (and a little bit of magic!).

You'll have the perfect seating plan in no time.

Compare Different Options

Want to try a few different options and see which works best?

Table Tailor's "plans" feature has you covered. You can switch between multiple plans, each containing different seating positions (or if you'd like, entirely different table layouts).

Compare Different Options
... and much more!

... and much more!

For a great way to learn all about how to use Table Tailor, why not view the tutorial?

Editable Floor Plan
Automatic Seating Suggestions
Seating (Circular Table)
Seating (Rectangular Table)


  • 1 event
  • 2 plans
  • Unlimited tables
  • 75 guests
  • Unlimited rules
  • Rule status badges for the first table only
  • Automatic seating suggestions for the first table only
  • View your plan in the app
  • Enter guests in the app
Get started with the basics
Pro Pack
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited plans
  • Unlimited tables
  • Unlimited guests
  • Unlimited rules
  • Rule status badges on all tables
  • Automatic seating suggestions on all tables
  • Export a PDF, CSV or Text file of your table plan
  • Enter guests in the app or bulk import from CSV
one time purchase
Upgrade via in-app purchase

Get Started

Getting started is easy, just install the app from the Google Play store.

View the tutorial if you'd like to learn how to get the best out of Table Tailor.

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