Human Readable Privacy Policy

Waffle free and in plain English

Is there any tracking in this app?

Yes, but we do not collect any personally identifiable information.

When you first open the app you are given a random ID which gets stored locally on your device. This ID is sent alongside any usage metrics that are sent back to us.

If at any time you delete the app's data or remove and reinstall it you will be assigned a new random ID, meaning that you will appear to us as an entirely new user.

What sort of metrics are collected?

We may collect information about how widely you're using different features of the app, for example the number of events, guests, tags, tables, rules or plans that you have created.

Importantly, we do not collect any personal information such as guest names, tag names or table names.

We may also collect information about which features you are using or how you navigate around the app.

Why do you collect this data?

We collect this data to aid in improving the app, for example, to help us identify which features could be improved or what new functionality would be most useful in the future.

Can I have a copy of my data?

By design, we don't have access to your data so the only place your data is available is on your own device.

The app includes a backup & restore feature (available via the settings page) which can be used if you need to transfer your data to a new device.

I have a question

We're happy to answer any questions that you may have about this privacy policy or the app. Please drop us an email at