Bulk Import

Requires Pro Pack: This feature is available as part of the pro pack. Please see the pricing information for more information.
Note: This is a powerful feature that will let you make large changes to your event quickly, but with great power comes great responsibility. You may want to backup your event first in-case you later find your data was incorrect.

The Bulk Import function allows you to quickly import your guest list in bulk without needing to fill out individual forms.

If you have a large guest list, or you have already written out your guest list elsewhere (such as in a spreadsheet) then this feature can be a real time saver.

There are two options:

  • Text: Simply paste in a list of guest names (one per line) to quickly create guests from a list of names
  • CSV: Enter your guest list in CSV format (for example by copying & pasting from a spreadsheet) to import guests, groups, tags and rules in bulk

Tip: We recommend the CSV option because it supports groups, tags and rules, which make seating your guests faster & easier.

Guide: Bulk Import from a list of names

If you only wish to create guests (without groups, tags or rules), you can use the "text" option.

Select Bulk Import option

Open the guest list by pressing Guests in the bottom navigation bar.

Press + and choose Bulk Import

Enter Guest Names

Select the Text option.

Type (or paste) a list of guest names into the main text box. Enter one guest name per line.

Press Save.

The app will create guests for each name entered in the list.

Guide: Bulk Import from a CSV (recommended)

If you want to import a guest list from elsewhere (such as a spreadsheet), or you want to make use of groups, tags and rules, you can choose the "CSV" option.

This allows you to create:

  • Guests: each row in the CSV will result in one new guest
  • Groups: each guest can (optionally) be attached to a group
  • Tags: each guest can (optionally) be assigned one or more tags
  • Rules: if selected, you can choose to automatically create a rule for each group, for example to specify that each guest in the group must sit next to each other

These features will help you get the most out of Table Tailor when assigning your seating.

Select Bulk Import option

Open the guest list by pressing Guests in the bottom navigation bar.

Press + and choose Bulk Import

Paste CSV content

Paste CSV formatted data into the main text area. You can copy & paste this from anywhere that supports CSV (for example from a spreadsheet).

Important! See the "CSV Formatting Requirements" section below for details about the required format.

The Create a Rule For Each Group? option allows you to define whether or not to create a rule for each unique group in the list.


Once you are done, press Save.

If there are any formatting issues, you will be shown an error message and will have the chance to adjust and try again before any data gets created.

CSV Formatting Requirements

If using the CSV option, the text must follow a specific format. Here is an example:

CSV format

In CSV, this is represented as follows:

Alice Baker,Alice & Rob,"adult, groom-friends, vegan",Lactose Intolerant
Rob Baker,Alice & Rob,"adult, usher, vegan, groom-friends",
Bill Edwards,Bill & Sandra,"adult, groom-friends, usher",
Sandra Edwards,Bill & Sandra,"adult, groom-friends",
Ben Jenkins,"Charlottte, Edward & Kids",child,
Charlotte Fisher,"Charlottte, Edward & Kids","adult, bride-friends",
Edward Jenkins,"Charlottte, Edward & Kids","adult, bride-friends",
Olivia Jenkins,"Charlottte, Edward & Kids",child,

The first line of the CSV must be a list of headers, comma separated. You can include any of the following:

  • name (required)
  • group
  • tags
  • notes

Each subsequent line represents one guest. Enter the details in the order matching the headers, comma separated. Note the following:

  • You must specify a name for every guest, but other details are optional
  • Every row must have the exact number of columns as the header. Commas are still required between empty columns
  • Multiple tags can be provided. These should be comma separated, with the whole list wrapped in quotes to distinguish the commas from the main column separators
  • Tab separators are also supported, which may be the case if copying & pasting from a spreadsheet or other application.