Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pro pack?

The pro pack is a paid upgrade which unlocks new features and removes the limitations found in the free version of Table Tailor.

A full feature comparison can be found here.

How do I activate the pro pack?

The pro pack can be purchased via the settings menu, or by pressing on any locked feature (indicated by a padlock icon).

This is an in-app purchase and is linked to your Apple account (on iOS) or Google account (on Android).

Note: The pro pack can be activated on a single device at a time (per account). To activate it on a new device, you can use the restore purchases button.

How do I transfer my event to another device?

While there is no automatic syncing functionality, you can manually back up an event and restore it on another one.

- note that restoring an event replaces the event on the device it's being restored on

I have a new phone, how do I migrate?

Follow these two steps to get everything moved over:

  1. If you've purchased the pro pack, you can use the Restore Purchases feature to transfer it and activate the features on the new phone
  2. Transfer your data by creating a backup on your old phone, and restoring the backup it your new phone.

Do I have to enter all of my guest information manually?

In the free version, all information must be entered into the app using the built in forms.

The Pro Pack includes a "bulk import" feature, which allows you to quickly import guests, groups & tags from a list of names or a CSV. This can be a real time saver if you already have a spreadsheet with information about all of your guests!

See this guide to learn more about the bulk import feature.

How can I see my plans outside of the app?

The Pro Pack includes an "export" feature, which allows you to export your plans as a PDF, CSV or plain text file.

See this guide to learn more about the export feature.

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